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Friday, November 9, 2012

Life after Sandy

Finally life is getting back to normal after Sandy tore through New York and New Jersey on 10/29/2012, causing immense destruction. The devastation is just unbelievable. We were lucky, as we had no damage to our house and the damage to our trees was relatively minor. We lost power on Monday evening and we got it back pretty much a week later. I brought my freezer to a friend of mine and we huddled together by candlelight in front of our gas fireplace in the living room. To have a gas stove and gas boiler for water heating helped, too. Work on Tuesday was quite chaotic, but actually little to do, since one of the generators failed and one was not enough for most things to function. On Wednesday - my day off - we largely worked in the yard, to free it from debris - it was too cold inside anyhow. School was cancelled for an entire week.

Here are some Sandy pictures:

Here is the wind whipping our Yew bush in front of the house Monday afternoon - foreboding of worse things to come...

Japanese Maple leaves through a rainy window

The first casualty at 4pm on Monday - one of the three major branches of my neighbors beautiful ancient Sycamore trees broke off

The reason for the power outage - a tree dangling on the power lines

My neighbors second ancient Sycamore - how incredibly sad!

But now power is back. Even my sister got power yesterday evening - she and her husband have been staying with us for the last couple of days during the day, which was fun. Lots of good food  - we had to use up all that defrosted stuff from her freezer and my refrigerator. 

1 comment:

Virginia L. said...

Happy to hear that your damage with the house is minimal! It's heartbreaking to see so many TV footage about this terrible storm. Your picture of the fallen tree is heartbreaking! Hope you get back to normal soon!