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Monday, April 1, 2019

The Back Stories With Darnell and Cornelia - A New Series

Hello Everone,
or as like my friend Darnell likes to say hello Stamplings!

You all probably know Darnell from djkarkreations, how could you not??? She has a great
way with words that I deeply admire. You just have to read this post and you will be hooked!
Never mind, her blog posts are always immensely entertaining as well. I wish I had the time
to read them all.

Over the years I got the idea that I should make a story book with my stamps.
The problem was that I couldn't come up with ideas.
But one day it struck me that this could be a collaboration with Darnell as the author
and me as the illustrator. So a few month ago I proposed to Darnell and to my immense
delight she said - YES!

We don't feel a book is warranted, but we did think that our friends might be amused,
if we launched a blog series once or twice of month with a bit of silliness.
As this day is April Fool's Day, it seemed the perfect day for lift-off!

Please let us know what you think. Enjoy! And Happy April Fool's Day!

Darnell and Cornelia

The Back Stories
Darnell J. Knauss, Author
Cornelia Wenokor, Illustrator


[Excepted from Websville Community Newsletter.]

Welcome to another series where we let you, our neighbors, get to know your candidates
on a more personal level. We know you are all fascinated by the fact that a set of triplets
is vying against each other for the one vacant Rat City Council seat and you want to know
more about them.

Let us first introduce you to Abraham.

Abraham is known in the community as The Realist.
When the triplets were born, Abe was the oldest and the biggest.
Immediately, their mother started treating Abe as her right-hand man,
especially since their father had been killed in a trap on his way home
from the pizza parlor a week before the triplets were born. Abe never
disappointed his mother. He saw to all their needs and never had a
childhood of his own. No one was surprised when Abe became the
first rat in the family to attend college and earn a degree in Logistics.

Next is Thomas.

Thomas is the middle mouse.
He is known as the Doubter. Being in the middle between his brother and
sister, Thomas doesn’t know who to believe, so he believes no one.
You’ll never hear Thomas answer a question with a straight Yes or No.
Instead he’ll say, “I doubt it.” Or, “What makes you say that?” Or,
“Let me think about it.” And his most-used phrase, said in a sulky tone:
“Well, I don’t know about that.”

Last, but not least, we have Suzy.

Suzy is known as the Optimist. Suzy welcomes life with open arms.
She feels that every day is a blessing and she wakes up excited to see what
adventures await her. Her brothers pretty much hate her, especially when
she breaks out into a rousing rendition of, “Oh, Suzannah!”

Their long-suffering mother once asked Suzy why she was such an optimist
when her brothers were not. Suzy just smiled and answered quietly, “Well, that’s
obvious, Mom. According to the laws of nature, there must be two polar opposites.
I’m the equator.”


Vol. 1 Ep.1

Stamp supplies:
Katzelkraft rats,
sentiments by Rubbernecker and Crackerbox&So Suzy Stamps


Anita in France said...

Hahahahaha ... what a brilliant idea, Cornelia ... two great talents coming together for this series ... love it! Fabulous ratty cards ... brilliant storytelling from Darnell ... looking forward to the next one already! Hugs, Anita :)

papierelle said...

Ich liebe Bücher, ich liebe Geschichten, ganz besonders auch solche Geschichten, wo Tiere vermenschlicht werden. Das ist meistens großartig und lustig. Eure Idee ist großartig und ich habe schon kräftig geschmunzelt beim Lesen der Charaktergeschichten. Und ganz besonders werden die Geschichten natürlich, wenn sie toll illustriert sind. Dann wird jeder Charakter besonders einzigartig. Und jetzt bin ich neugierig auf weitere Charaktere, Geschichten, Abenteuer, Erlebnisse ....

Aileen said...

Just been over and reading this at Darnell's blog. Fantastic job, you are the perfect mix, her story telling humour and your wonderful quirky card. Thank you so much for this pleasure and I look forward to more. xx Hugs Aileen

Rosmarie said...

Ja was hast du dir denn da schon wieder ausgedacht! Du bist einfach nicht zu bremsen und ich bewundere deinen grossen Einfallsreichtum immer wieder auf's neue.....
Das ist eine großartig Idee und ich habe bereits beim Lesen deiner Charaktere ganz toll lachen müssen. Ich bin echt gespannt wie es weitergeht und freue mich ganz toll auf neue Geschichten und Abenteuer von dir und Darnell! ....und wenn's ein April Scherz war, dann bin ich voll und ganz darauf hereingefallen! Ha ha ha
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen 1. April!

Claire said...

How wonderfully fun, great story with brilliant illustrations. Nicely done to both of you x

Verna Angerhofer said...

Leave it to you two to come up with such a fun and entertaining idea. I love it and you both have shown how very talented you are too.

Darnell said...

Yay, we did it! Thanks for being a wildly fun collaborator and illustrator, Cornelia! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

HilaryJane said...

Congratulations, this is just wonderful. Darnells stories and your lovely cards are a perfect match. I am looking forward to the next one already xx

conil said...

Absolute genius idea. Put together by two the funniest and most talented people on the planet. I am so impressed with both of your talents and innovative cleverness. This is going to be a hoot.

Happy Dance said...

So happy that you and Darnell teamed up to write and illustrate this fun little story! Who knew that rats were so community and politically minded?! Your cards make me smile. I don't think I've ever seen such adorable rats, though it is probably your designs and your coloring which makes them so cute. These are just amazing! Love those stamps!! And the sentiments! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next episode! Bev

Gerrina said...

You and Darnell took my into the world of the triplets so fast...can't wait for more :)!
Thanks both for giving me a smile by reading and looking! Hugs, Gerrina

Cath Wilson said...

Haha, wonderful backdrop to 'Les Rats' - love this idea. A group I run once did a big swap where we each gave our images a story and it was amazing what went through people's minds. Great idea and great cards, but I'm a fan of these stamps.
Cath x

Bobby said...

You've got a good thing going here, Cornelia. I've always loved your Katzelkraft cards and with Darnell's humor you're bound to be a hit. I can't wait for the next installment.

Donna said...

How fun, I'm ready for the book!

Dora said...

Brilliant cards.

Izzy Scrap said...

What a lovely and fabulous idea ! You both make the ideal pair : Darnell with her funny way to write and you with your funny cards and your unique designs ! Love the idea a lot. Thank you for the great and funny moment. Can't wait to read more. x